One day I will forget your wings,

Your happy smile

when you fly;

One day I will forget your eyes.

But first I’ll die.



Crawling crawling in the grooves,
Distant distant distant hooves,
Creeping creeping creeping blight,
Silent silent silent night.

Shiv’ring branches, mould beneath,
Sabre whispers out of sheath,
Muffled thumping, wheezing breath;
Silent silent silent death.

The Open Color of His Eyes

I sauntered past; I had a farthing.
He sat alone.  I asked him why.
He said: ‘Today I’ve eaten nothing.
‘I obviously plan to die.’

I cried: ‘But death is so sinister!
‘Let’s go and eat! It’s me who’ll buy.’
He smiled and died that very instant.
A rainbow darted to the sky.