This Blog Has Moved

I am pleased to announce my new (unified) blog: . Please consider all my other blogs on hiatus.



My ghost is blooming in a sunrise ray,
Untethered to the ground.
One fears night dwindles at the start of day.
Well, there’s a workaround.


It’s swordshine day. My gaze is brightly blind.
He, who I cross, from swordlight fiercely dies.
I leak my soul along the swordbanks of my mind.

I know no more the colour of your eyes.

There’s Christmas

There’s Christmas tapping on my door,
I’m on the floor, I’m on the floor;
I vaguely hear people pace;
I search for trace, I search for trace,
I’m looking for your footprints, dear;
They feel so near, they feel so near,
The footprints that my sentience cleft
The day you left, the day you left.


It snows. The misty calm engulfs the colors slain.

It snows the petals of the age we’re far apart.

I hope

we’ll never be so close again.

You’re still

too very deep inside my heart.